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Sean James, the Master Entrepreneur ™, author, educator, speaker and communications guru. From a vision to several fully staffed agencies, Sean wants you to Dream It, Build It and Sell It.


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Sean Isaiah James is the chief executive officer and founder of Sean James and Associates, LLC headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in Los Angeles , California and New York City. Sean is the Master Entrepreneur™ a term he coined that uniquely describes his entrepreneurial endeavors. 


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Sean is a nationally recognized authority on entrepreneurship, branding, and media. Sign your staff or team up for a PRO training session with the Master Entrepreneur™ Sean.

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Dream It. Build It. Sell It.

VIP Day with Sean 

Have you been dreaming of what the next year could bring? Are you ready to take bold steps and make a bigger impact? Or perhaps, simply wanting to dive in and experience something new and transformational? We invite you to join Sean James on an exclusive VIP Day. This is your opportunity to focus on you. To take time out. To be supported, celebrated, encouraged and inspired. Set yourself up for success as we walk through powerful processes to find clarity, set powerful goals and have massive breakthroughs. Don't wait- the start of a new year and all its potential is just around the corner, so act now and let Sean help you make the most of it!


Dream It. Build It. Sell It.™  

Circle Online

You need a community, collaboration is the currency of the wealthy. Join a group of business owners, entrepreneurs who are actually about their business. No worries, we throughly vet all members prior to accepting membership. 

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Sean helps aspiring and current entrepreneurs get clear on their vision, develop strategies for success and growth to effectively deliver products and services to market In excellence.

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Your Vision Will Not Execute Itself

Dream It, Build It, Sell It

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