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Isaiah James

At the core of Sean's journey is his leadership as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Vision Works (VSNWKS.) PR Firm, LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with a robust presence in New York City. Originating his career within New York City government as a public servant. His outstanding contributions led to his recognition as one of the "40 UNDER 40" honorees by New York City's Home Reporter Newspaper in 2016.

Sean felt a spiritual calling to venture beyond the public sector and establish, what is known today as VSNWKS. [VIZH] + [UHN] + [WURKS]. A beacon of comprehensive communication services, the firm expertly navigates both traditional and cutting-edge digital media and marketing, press and public relations, and strategic crisis planning. Its client portfolio spans corporations, churches, small businesses, and women and minority-owned enterprises.

Actively engaged in prestigious professional circles, Sean is an esteemed member of organizations such as the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA), and the National Association of Black PR Professionals (BPRSA). Simultaneously, his commitment to community is embodied through the Urban Male Institute for Leadership and Success (UMILS), a non-profit initiative he founded. Under Sean's guidance, UMILS empowers men of color from diverse backgrounds through hands-on training, internships, and scholarships. In 2023, Sean Isaiah James embraced a transformative role as a local (ATL) Advisory Council Member with ForbesBLK, a revered platform dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices within the black community.

At the heart of Sean's philosophy lies an unwavering pursuit of excellence. His conviction is encapsulated in the belief that every endeavor must reflect an unwavering commitment to excellence. This principle is distilled in his guiding mantra: "excellence is the standard, not the exception"

Sean Isaiah James lives out his purpose daily, striving to educate, empower, and propel individuals towards realizing their potential. Through his influence, he inspires others to recognize their significance, embrace their dreams, foster belief in their abilities, "dig deeper" and ultimately achieve greatness.


Sean is on a mission to empower and equip diverse founders ultimately enabling them to tell their unique story and leverage business as a conduit to bridge the wealth gap.

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