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The BLKLounge is a dynamic monthly virtual gathering curated by Sean James, The Master Entrepreneur™ is crafted exclusively for Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and creators who are actively steering transformative changes in business, culture, and society. This unique platform serves as a nexus for fostering meaningful connections, providing a space for networking, shared laughter, and relationship building. At the BLKLounge, participants engage in a lively exchange of insights, inspiration, and valuable information.

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Friends at Party

Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and creators

This exclusive virtual space is meticulously designed to transcend traditional networking events. It goes beyond the ordinary, creating an atmosphere where individuals committed to driving systematic change can come together in a supportive environment. By fostering genuine connections, the BLKLounge empowers its attendees to amplify their impact and contribute to the broader landscape of business and society.


As someone deeply rooted in leadership and dedicated to the success of diverse founders, the BLKLounge stemmed from Sean's desire to provide a space for collaboration, empowerment, and the exchange of ideas. It's not just a virtual lounge; it's a vibrant community driving positive change in the business world.

The BLKLounge with Sean James | Feat. Haley McNeal | Does DEI Still Matter?
The BLKLounge with Sean James | Feat. Kadidja Dosso

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